About "CFX:Transform"
Here at Composite Effects, we specialize in making high quality, realistic, comfortable, and durable silicone masks. With combined decades of experience in the haunted house, movie, and attraction industries, we have decided that no one should be left without access to our incredible masks. That's why we started CFX:Transform.

The goal at CFX:Transform is to introduce our life-like masks to those who want to change themselves. With a wide range of masks, we can cover just about any option you could want. However you identify yourself, from transgender, furry, doll, or otherwise, we want to help you present yourself to the world with the face of your choice!

Huge Variety

At CFX:Transform, we have pulled some of our favorite masks from our years of work in special effects and live attractions to bring you a collection of masks that should fit just about any need you may have. Our main options include ...
  • Basic Male and Female Masks
  • Cats and other Animals
  • Dolls and Toys
  • Demons and She-Devils
If none of these appeal to you, you can view the main website for CFX, where you'll find a collection of over 60 unique sculpts, available in hundreds of styles with thousands of options, including zombies, vampires, mythological creatures, demons and devils, more animals, more natural humans, and a whole lot more!

Infinite Customization

One of the things that has made CFX a household name amongst silicone mask collectors is our ability and pride in producing a hand-crafted, custom mask, just for you. Because every masks is made when you order it, we can cast them in any skin tone you could desire, with a staggering array of options, including makeup, paint styles, tattoos, patterns, and colors. For a charge, we can also add hair, eyebrows, or even whiskers to your mask. Check out our Customization page for more information and samples!

Superior Quality
CFX Pro Silicone Masks are designed, sculpted, molded, produced and painted all in one workshop by the same team of professional FX artists. We pride ourselves on quality control and knowledgeable customer service, which is almost impossible without a personal understanding and involvement in our own products. Producing every stage of the process within our company also allows us to keep your prices lower than the competition while keeping our quality higher, and gives us better versatility to tailor your products specifically to your needs. High-end masks are an investment. Make sure you buy from a company that knows it's products better than anyone.

We employ a team of highly trained and specialized FX artists and technicians to measure every detail of the masks we produce to perform in any environment. Your mask is the result of years of technical research resulting in carefully selected materials for performance and aesthetic qualities. Your life has enough worries. The quality and performance of your Pro Silicone Masks won't be one of them.

Unmatched Durability and Comfort
Material thickness is carefully measured and kept consistent to make a lightweight mask with maximum strength, enhanced flexibility, and prevents excess heat build-up. Sculptures are engineered for scale and optimized anatomical placement, and all our masks are strategically reinforced in stress areas to reduce the risk of tearing, while still allowing for the most realistic facial movement and comfortable wear. Our specialized production techniques allow us to make a mask with fully encapsulated mesh, suspended and carefully contoured to the shapes of the mask, to allow for superior performance and longevity.

CFX raises the bar even higher with DuraFlexTM, a process we've developed that combines our years of material knowledge with new layering technology to produce a bonded fortified rubber with increased tear strength by an industrially tested and verified 15% - 17% without restricting any movement, adding weight, or reducing surface durability.

Sizing Information

Each mask is available in it's own size, which will be one of two options:
  • Average Size - These masks are designed to fit on the average male head.
    Recommended Head Circumference (in inches): 21.25" - 23.5"

  • Small Size - These masks were originally designed to fit on the average female head, although we have discovered that many, many men can wear these masks with no problems, discomfort, or loss of realism.
    Recommended Head Circumference (in inches): 20.0" - 21.75"
Pro Tip: If your head is too small for a mask, the fit can be improved by simply wearing a wool cap or beanie to increase your skull's diameter!